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Consumables Have a Real Environmental Cost and Use None Sustainable Resources

     - Carbon Black is a major component of toner

     - A typical toner cartridge consumes 1 to 2 litres of oil
        in  its manufacture producing up to 4.8kg of CO².

     - The UK therefore uses up to 200,000,000 litres of oil and
        creates 480,000 metric tonnes of C0² from the use of

     - Toner contains 6 noxious chemicals including carcinogens

     - Laser printers create toxic landfill waste. A typical colour
        laser creates 157 lbs from 100,000 pages.

     - In the UK some 75 million toner cartridges go to landfill
        every year. (Friends of The Earth Scotland) This
        represents 133,930 tonnes of waste to landfill

     - Inkjet cartridges take 450 years to degrade (47 million pa)

     - 20% of office print is waste (50 Sheets per person per
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