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"A product like PretonSaver is long overdue, it maintains the quality of print whilst minimising the environmental impact and saving money"
Ian Stinson, Director of Computing Services University of Liverpool 

"Global Climate change is the single biggest environmental threat facing the planet. There is much that can be done to stop catastrophic climate change but decisive action is needed from governments and industry now."
Friends of the Earth

How does it work?
An overview of the technology behind PretonSaverTM

Did you know?
A few lesser known facts about printer consumables.



PretonSaverTM is the award winning print and toner optimisation software. Preton uses patented algorithms to save toner while maintaining print quality. Completely manufacturer independent, it works with your entire Windows based printer fleet, allowing you to analyse your print output and apply policies to make the maximum savings.


PretonSaver EnterpriseTM
Network version with SQL database and advanced management

Intended for organisations with thousands of users, PretonSaver EnterpriseTM offers comprehensive print management as well as toner/ink optimisation with central management.

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PretonSaver PremiumTM
Network version with built-in database

Intended for SME's with 25 to 500 end users, PretonSaver PremiumTM offers simple implementation without a centralised database, allowing up to 50% in toner and ink, with central management of print policies as well as user/printer reports.

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PretonSaver StandardTM
Standalone, local computer version

Intended for small business of 5 to 25 users or where users do not have access to the company network, PretonSaver StandardTM is installed locally on the user's PC offering up to 50% savings in toner and ink with usage and savings reports.

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