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Spool Queue and Output Device Management

If you have experience of mid range and main frame systems you will realise how much more functional their output management is compared to that available on industry standard Unix and Windows platforms.

Historically this primarily concerned print files with the ability to:

  • stop and start prints from any page or range of pages.
  • move or copy print files to different output devices.
  • recover and reprint reports without needing to re-run the application, etc.

In today’s world of high end server technology the need for such functionality is as paramount as it ever was.

These are some of the features our solutions can provide to reduce the effort needed to implement and support modern day server environments:

  • A user friendly graphical user interface for spool queues and output destinations.
  • A simple means to add, remove and manage output destinations.
  • The ability to stop and start output queues at any page or ranges of pages.
  • The ability to move an output queue to a different destination.
  • The ability to assign form-ids to specific output queues.
  • The ability to assign pre-initialisation sequences to output devices.
  • The ability to assign permission levels to spool files and destinations.
  • The ability to assign output priorities to spool files.
  • The ability to forward schedule output queues.
  • Assured delivery.
  • Automatic load balancing between output devices within a group.
  • Automatic destination failover.
  • Destination aliases to automatically create different environments for each device.
  • Full spool file archival.
  • User defined recovery of completed jobs.
  • Server resilience.
  • Data stream conversion.
  • Automatic distribution of parts of or complete reports to different output devices.
  • Output system accounting log.
  • Fully detailed system log.

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