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PretonSaver EnterpriseTM
Network version, with SQL database and advanced management

Save hundreds of pounds per user on ink and toner without compromising on quality.
PretonSaver EnterpriseTM saves as much as 50% of your printing costs without compromising on quality, Based on a unique, patent-pending, Pixel OptimiserTM technology, it uses advanced algorithms to identify and remove pixels, that are not necessary to maintain print quality, thereby dramatically reducing toner and ink usage.

Measurable Savings.
With PretonSaver EnterpriseTM your savings are not theoretical. Consumable levels are monitored across network printers and page costs are constantly calculated and reported, allowing on-going visibility and monitoring of saving levels.

Comprehensive Print Rules.
PretonSaver EnterpriseTM puts the control over printing back in your hands. With PretonSaver EnterpriseTM you can easily define print rules for active printers, users, groups and applications. Rules include page and colour usage privileges and quotas, enforcement of duplex printing, where available, automatic omission of images for specific applications, and much more.

Printer Discovery and management.
Managing printers throughout the enterprise can be a daunting task. With hundreds or even thousands of printers, it is almost impossible to know how they are being used or their operational status. PretonSaver EnterpriseTM automatically identifies active printers and performs ongoing status monitoring, whilst gathering comprehensive usage statistics.

   • Reduces the organisation’s consumable spending by up to 50%.
   • Easy to install and manage.
   • Automatic omission of graphics or images for specific 
   • Generates cost and usage reports per user.
   • Every user can independently control saving levels for each
      print job.
   • Stand-alone mode allows users to enjoy savings while printing 
      outside the network (e.g. at home).
   • Supports Inkjet and LaserJet, colour and mono, local and 
      network printers.
   • Automatically maps all printers, users and applications using 
      existing print drives (PCL, PostScript).
   • Seamlessly integrates into all windows environments.
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